[GRASS-dev] i.plr.py Probabilistic Label Relaxation

Georg Kaspar georg at muenster.de
Fri Sep 11 11:25:40 EDT 2009

Dear GRASS developers,
Today I finished a first attempt at writing a GRASS script in python for 
probabilistic label relaxation.
The script uses a given sigfile to run i.maxlik for _every_ given 
signature and save the reject threshold results.
These results are used as input for the relaxation process.
This first version is  v e r y  slow (~ 2 min) for a 150x200 cell region 
and also the assignment of probabilities for 2 classes being next to 
each other is still very basic (1.0 if the classes are the same, 0.5 if 
not). But anyway, it seems to be working!
This will be part of my diploma thesis and I would like to hear your 
comments. Naturally I am very interested in speeding up the whole process...
This is my first self-made script for GRASS (not counting small 
helper-scripts), so please be kind ;)
best regards,
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