[GRASS-dev] r39128 automatically choose appropriate geometry type

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 12 04:24:18 EDT 2009

Martin wrote:
> it's debatable what should go to devbr6. We should be more focus
> on GRASS 7.0. Very rough roadmap (my POV):
> 6.4 (~10/2009)
> 6.5 (~03/2010)
> 7.0 (~06/2011)

my 2c pov:)
6.4.0: closed for new features, critical bug fixes only.
6.4.1: add a couple of features already in 6.5 and intended for 6.4
  but not well enough tested for backport today. (those with tickets
  who missed the train, but don't sell any new tickets)
  Otherwise normal bug fixes only.
6.4.2+: critical bug fixes only.

it is tempting to allow things like an improved wxNviz, maybe we could
be more relaxed with GUI vs. more strict with modules/libs. but at the
same time it pays to be strict with a full critical-bug-fix-only freeze
sooner rather than later.

no deep changes or refactoring should go into devbr6. (6.5)

except in extraordinary circumstances all 6.x should be backwards
compatible (at the module CLI level) in usage and behaviour with all
earlier 6.x. Interactive features (ie GUI) does not have to be as
strict because it can't be scripted/requires human decisions.

6.4.0 (~10/2009)
6.4.1 (~12/2009)
6.4.2 (~2/2010)
6.4.3 (as needed)

6.5  not a release branch; just a useful dead-end.
  "GRASS 6.5 (restricted development; testbed for backporting, more...)
  Utility version for developers, only available as source code."
    (and power users/part-devels who need some stability)

6.5.0 devel. preview release (only if this time next year 7.0 isn't out yet)

7.0 when it's ready. let's worry about release dates for it after 6.4.



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