[GRASS-dev] OpenCL Parallelization

Jeshua Lacock jeshua at OpenOSX.com
Sun Sep 13 06:27:10 EDT 2009

On Sep 12, 2009, at 12:21 PM, Benjamin Ducke wrote:

> OpenCL can use CPUs and GPUs for parallel processing.
> For all those operations that can be done more efficiently
> on a GPU, there a potentially enormous performance gains.

Indeed. Precisely the reason why I think it is so compelling.

There are about the same number of transistors in my GPU that are in  
my CPU. Most of the time most of those transistors in my GPU are just  
sitting there idling (99% of the time I do not do any intensive 3D  
tasks), it sure would be nice to be able to put them to use.

And you can easily add more GPUs to machine, not the case with CPUs....


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