[GRASS-dev] Error compiling develbranch_6

Colin Nielsen colin.nielsen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 11:35:17 EDT 2009

> It should be part of gettext.
> So if you use --with-nls but don't have libintl.h in the standard
> include path (i.e. built-in directories plus --with-includes=
> directories), configure will accept the option but GRASS will be built
> without NLS.

I have gettext installed and libintl.h is in the standard include
path. That path is passed to the grass configure with (with the
variable defined):

$OSGEO4W_ROOT_MSYS/include" \

I found localcharset.h not in the gettext package that I had, but in
the iconv-lib package. OSGeo4W has an iconv-bin package so I didn't
think I needed this extra one, but it seems that the additional lib
package with localcharset.h isn't included. With it installed,
compiling now works fine.


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