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helena hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Sep 17 00:29:15 EDT 2009

On Sep 17, 2009, at 12:23 AM, Michael Barton wrote:

> On Sep 16, 2009, at 9:02 PM, Helena Mitasova wrote:
>> talking about legends - how about making the default size smaller -
>> would that help?
>> I just went through a long assignment with many legends and settled
>> at something like
>> d.legend mymap at=5,50,2,5
>> (at=5,50,2,5 is typed into wxGUI and conveniently stays there so
>> I just change the name of the map and move the legend wherever  
>> needed).
>> I always size the display window so that I have a white area next to
>> the map
>> and put the legend there. That way I did not have the problem that
>> you mention
>> with the scalebar.
>> It would be nice to have a sizing option for the scalebar too
>> (using at=... similar to the one for legend would work).
>> That way map elements could be all placed in the white area and won't
>> interfere with the map image.
> These are both dependent on the underlying GRASS modules, d.legend  
> and d.barscale.
> There is no way to size d.barscale and it has limited customization.
> d.legend can be sized. Right now, it initially displays at its  
> default size (I don't know what that is exactly). You can change  
> this in the legend options panel.

yes - that is what I was doing.

What I have suggested was to change the DEFAULT size of the legend to  
something half the size-it is too big and unless you figure out that  
you can change the size
with at= (which most newcomers cannot) you are stuck, and for old  
users it would
be just more convenient (no need to figure out what those 4 numbers  
mean, I never
remember it correctly).


> Michael
>> Helena
>> On Sep 16, 2009, at 10:47 PM, Michael Barton wrote:
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>>>> #750: wxGUI: scalebar loses focus
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>>>> Hi,
>>>> in the wx Map Display window if you add a scalebar, drag it to the
>>>> bottom
>>>> left, then add a raster legend, after that it is not possible to
>>>> drag the
>>>> scalebar any more, even if you reselect add scalebar from the add
>>>> overlay
>>>> menu. The legend gets dragged around instead.
>>>> ??
>>>> Hamish
>>> What is happening is not quite what it appears. The real problem is
>>> that both the scalebar and legend are "maps" because that is how
>>> GRASS draws them. The invisible "maps" are the same size as the
>>> screen. When you put both a legend and a scalebar on a real (i.e.,
>>> visible) map and they overlay each other it is sometimes hard to
>>> grab the underlying element. If you move the legend out of the way,
>>> you can grab and move the scalebar.
>>> There is probably a way to fix this but I didn't figure it out when
>>> I first did this, and it hasn't been high enough on the priority
>>> list to fix afterwards. What is needed is to somehow clip the
>>> graphic of the legend and scalebar so that it closely conforms to
>>> the element. However, this would also need to change size if the
>>> element changes size.
>>> Michael
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