[GRASS-dev] legends and scales

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 17 02:03:38 EDT 2009

> talking about legends - how about making the default size
> smaller -
> I just went through a long assignment with many legends and
> settled at something like
> d.legend mymap at=5,50,2,5

fine, all I ask is that this is done in the wxGUI level with
at=, not in main.c. Note by using at= you shut off automatic
font sizing for CELL maps. (in that case it does what the user asks it to, not what it thinks fits best)

other things rely on the existing behaviour. (d.rast.leg for

after some time it could be "backported" to main.c and scripts
adjusted if everyone likes the new size, but for now please
stick to adjusting the default in the wxGUI caller.

> Right now, it initially displays at its default size
> (I don't know what that is exactly).

the default in main.c is at=12,88,3,7

> would that help?

no, but we can still talk about it.

> It would be nice to have a sizing option for the scalebar too
> (using at=... similar to the one for legend would work).

it already has at=x%,y% placement. You mean to specify its width/
distance as well? eh... that's automatically determined and it
works quite well so I'm not too excited to start "improving" it.

ps.map's one is at the other end: complete control and no
automation. d.scalebar is a hell of a lot easier to use and we
don't hear complaints.

> That way map elements could be all placed in the white area
> and won't interfere with the map image.

not sure why that can't happen already. Do you want a vertical
scalebar? perhaps put the white borders at the bottom and top
instead of the sides and create a horizontal legend?

> (no need to figure out what those 4 numbers mean, I never
> remember it correctly).

d.legend --help

(same as d.frame)



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