[GRASS-dev] RC5: wxvdigit crash

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 05:40:57 EDT 2009


2009/9/17 Jeshua Lacock <jeshua at openosx.com>:
> I was trying to test out the new wx digitize GUI, and I have found a
> reproducible crash.
> 1. Start GRASS with a valid location.
> 2. Display Raster image to digitize.
> 3. Chose "Digitize" from the drop down menu in the display
> 4. The digitize interface becomes active.
> 5. Chose "New vector map"
> 6. Hangs for a second then the entire GUI crashes.
> Attached it s the crash log.

GRASS version?

OS / platform?


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