[GRASS-dev] Re: i.plr.py Probabilistic Label Relaxation

Georg Kaspar georg at muenster.de
Wed Sep 23 08:39:31 EDT 2009

I had hoped for some feedback... Is there generally no interest in the 
functionality of the script or is it the lack of speed (or something else?)
I'm interested in improving the implementation but a few hints would be 
useful. Here are some ideas I came up wirh:

- At the moment, probabilities are being extracted by running i.maxlik 
for each class. Maybe this could also be achieved by changing the 
i.maxlik module. However, this step should be taken out of the script to 
be performed seperately.

- Of course, an implementation in C would improve speed...

- As far as I know, python will load the whole image into memory - is 
there some python package that improves the handling of large image files?

Georg Kaspar wrote:
> I also attached an updated version of the code which contained some 
> nasty bugs - apart from being slow it should work now ;)

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