[GRASS-dev] Broken text mode interface for creating new locations in RC5?

Benjamin Ducke benjamin.ducke at oxfordarch.co.uk
Tue Sep 29 07:18:37 EDT 2009

Dear all,

for some reason I am no longer able to create new locations or mapsets
in text mode using GRASS 6.4 RC5.

Creating a new location from scratch, I get as far as this:

Please enter a one line description for location <new>

> This is a new location
This is a new location
ok? (y/n) [y] y
ERROR: region for current mapset is not set
       run "g.region"

Attempting to create a new mapset in an existing location, I get:

apset <<newuser>> is not available

Mapsets in location <bruszczewo>
(+)PERMANENT           (+)user

note: you only have access to mapsets marked with (+)

Would you like to create < newuser > as a new mapset? (y/n) [y] y
ERROR: region for current mapset is invalid
       <projection field missing>
       run "g.region"


And indeed, the WIND file for the "newuser" has just two lines:

proj:       0
zone:       0

Using grass64 -tcltk, I am able to create new mapsets in
existing locations, but creating new locations fails with the
same error. I cannot try wxPython, as I don't have that running
on my machine.

Can you think of any changes in the way that the WIND files 
are generated which may have broken the text mode interface?



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