[GRASS-dev] what's going on in r39326

Maris Nartiss maris.gis at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 15:04:57 EDT 2009

You need more comments to such small code ammount?
Reason: launch Your file manager (Dolphin, Konqueror, Nautilus etc.),
navigate to /usr/bin/ and click on grass65 to start GRASS. Before this
patch gis.m was starting fine without any terminal (xterm), still
after exiting from gis.m, init.sh doesn't clean up - leves .lock's
etc. This patch just launches somekind of interactive terminal/konsole
if there isn't one. It should not affect anyone who is launching GRASS
in "normal" way - from terminal/console or by shortcut that starts
some console.
test -t 0 - check if stdin is connected to terminal
xdg-terminal - utility from Portland project that should start user's
preffered terminal (xdg-utils CVS only. Present on Debian and iirc
exec xterm -e - execute xterm and launch provided programm in xterm.
-e is supported by most (if not all) xterm like terminals (konsole,
gnome-terminal et.al). If user has set GRASS_XTERM in his gisrc file,
then it replaces xterm.

I hope now You understand how insignificant this change is, as
"normal" users don't play around with their file browsers.


2009/9/29, Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com>:
> hi,
> can someone please explain to me what is happening in this change?
> I don't understand what it does.
> https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/changeset/39326
> thanks,
> Hamish
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