[GRASS-dev] what's going on in r39326

Benjamin Ducke benjamin.ducke at oxfordarch.co.uk
Tue Sep 29 15:14:03 EDT 2009

Come on now, Maris, be fair. We all know shell code
gets more cryptic the shorter it is ;)

But does that mean there is no longer any way to start
GRASS without also launching a terminal emulator?
Personally, I don't mind (and neither will probably anyone
who uses a Unix system). However, I was under the impression
that it was desirable to have a way to start GRASS
with no terminal attached, especially for Windows users.

Plus, one of the long-term goals for GRASS was to drop
all dependencies on bash. I don't know in how far an
enforced terminal window agrees with that.

The problem with init.sh remains, of course. But surely
that could be handled by an exit function in gis.m?

But maybe I am thinking in the wrong direction here...


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You need more comments to such small code ammount?
Reason: launch Your file manager (Dolphin, Konqueror, Nautilus etc.),
navigate to /usr/bin/ and click on grass65 to start GRASS. Before this
patch gis.m was starting fine without any terminal (xterm), still
after exiting from gis.m, init.sh doesn't clean up - leves .lock's
etc. This patch just launches somekind of interactive terminal/konsole
if there isn't one. It should not affect anyone who is launching GRASS
in "normal" way - from terminal/console or by shortcut that starts
some console.
test -t 0 - check if stdin is connected to terminal
xdg-terminal - utility from Portland project that should start user's
preffered terminal (xdg-utils CVS only. Present on Debian and iirc
exec xterm -e - execute xterm and launch provided programm in xterm.
-e is supported by most (if not all) xterm like terminals (konsole,
gnome-terminal et.al). If user has set GRASS_XTERM in his gisrc file,
then it replaces xterm.

I hope now You understand how insignificant this change is, as
"normal" users don't play around with their file browsers.


2009/9/29, Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com>:
> hi,
> can someone please explain to me what is happening in this change?
> I don't understand what it does.
> https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/changeset/39326
> thanks,
> Hamish
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