[GRASS-dev] future thematic cartography in GRASS [was: Re: [GRASS GIS] #974: [Patch] add option to d.vect to make symbol size proportionate to square root of size_column]

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 4 02:26:59 EST 2010

Moritz wrote:
> What is still missing right now is an easy way to display a
> combination of color-classified and proportionately sized
> symbols.

by the way, WRT floating point raster maps there is a control in ps.map's
colortable instruction to show range bands instead of a smooth legend:

       Adding the
       discrete  Y  instruction  will  command  the program to
       treat the map as a categorical map.  In  this  way  the
       legend can be created with discrete range bands instead
       of a continuous gradient. You must use  the  r.category
       or r.support module to set up the range labels first.



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