[GRASS-dev] g.extension in GRASS 6.5

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu May 6 07:02:41 EDT 2010

Martin wrote:
> currently we have Python version of g.extension script in GRASS 7 and
> Bash version in GRASS 6.5. It's pain to maintain the both version. I
> would suggest to replace Bash version with Python in GRASS 6.5. It's
> new module, so no backwards compatibility will be broken. Only one
> drawback is that g.extension will requires Python to be available.

AFAIU the shell script version of g.extension is slated to be backported
to the release branch for 6.4.1. it's there, it works (AFAIK), so leave
it alone and focus our attention on new devel for grass 7. See also
Michael's post about the ongoing problem of getting python scripts to
work with GRASS 6, & it's all platforms:
we need to get that 100% solid before even thinking about doing much
else in the way of python + grass6.

talking generally-
Please leave 6.5 as a test-bed for backporting things to 6.4, otherwise
we never seriously work on stabilizing 6.4 and we never fully commit to
working on grass7.

my humble 2c,


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