[GRASS-dev] GRASS posters in svn add-on

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Sat May 8 15:31:58 EDT 2010

2010/5/2 Markus Neteler <neteler at osgeo.org>:
> 2010/4/26 Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com>:
>> Jarosław wrote:
>>> These 85 MB in svn-add-on repository seems not to be a nice
>>> idea....
>>> maybe separate repository?
>> I agree. No clear idea about a better home though; keeping in SCM somewhere
>> seems like a good idea vs. serving directly from download.osgeo.org/grass.
> We could just create a new svn directory called "marketing".

With help of FrankW I have created a new repo "grass-promo":

svn co http://svn.osgeo.org/grass/grass-promo

It will contain:
- grassflyer/
- grassposter/

which I have tried to copy over with "svn copy" which bailed out with an error
message. Also "svn move" is unsupported.

I guess that I am missing the trick.


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