[GRASS-dev] Some ideas about future GRASS development

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Mon May 10 07:32:01 EDT 2010


2010/5/10 Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com>:
>> well, then we can build separate packages based on the
>> tools included, at least 'grass-core', grass-full`.
> my point is that splitting it up doesn't gain us much space-wise. An extra
> 50 modules might only cost another 6mb on top of the core distro.
> For WinGrass 80mb+6mb vs 86mb. might as well just ship the full 86mb
> version in the first place and save everyone the extra 1000% installation
> trouble.
> (mean size of modules in bin/ for me is 60k .... +50 modules *60k = 3mb)

OK, anyway from my point of view space-size is not the reason of this
changes. The main reason for me is to clean up the GRASS modules and
to split them to 'core', 'tools' (well maintained) and 'addons' for

> devel mode for new (mostly quick script) modules is to develop them in
> addons, and once they are of what I consider to be release quality if they
> have general appeal move them into main. Others which are very useful to
> me but a bit less general use or only 95% happy with I've left in addons
> to avoid cluttering the main tree. I figure anything from addons useful
> enough will generally generate enough feedback and core-dev interest to
> naturally migrate to the main tree. If it has a champion from the core

well, the main tree would be nice too keep minimalistic. Then is less
work to maintain it.



> not a ".gdal") but all that got clobbered. I am unsure of the automated
> wx menu sync tool, is it and a guide as to how we should work with the
> menus documented anywhere?  anyway I feel that menu items should be a
> little more "easy" and module descriptions be more precise/accurate as to
> function. using the text same for both while easier isn't always very
> appropriate.

wxGUI menu could be easily by g.extension when installing new
module(s). Of course the proposed repo layout requires solid
g.extension module.

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