[GRASS-dev] GRASS 6: GISRC on Windows

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 2 19:54:00 EST 2011

> currently GIRC file is stored on Windows in
> $HOME/.grassrc6

hmmm, I thought that already had happened. I guess

> This location seems to be probably quite weird
> for normal Windows user. I would suggest to store

It seems like a good & natural idea to move it into
$APPDATA\GRASS6 on Windows -- but do keep the
'grassrc6' name.

Even without getting into the arguments about no
renaming a core support file during a stable series,
there are years and years of old hints, suggestions
and docs in the mailing list archives and elsewhere
which refer the user to {check|delete|edit} that
'grassrc6' filename in case of trouble. If the name
is evolved beyond easy recognition all that
treasure of help and web search results will be
worth very little, and it is harder to do a file
search to find it (the XP puppy is cute but not very
helpful.. I guess that's why they made it cute so it
was harder to get mad at; consider also the results
of `locate rc` vs. `locate grassrc` on UNIX or a
web/nabble search).
Make it the filename users have come to expect, in
the location which users expect on that particular

also fwiw, "run commands" from the era when ~/.files
were `source`d at program startup is pretty
meaningless in this context. if it were going to be
renamed (ie in trunk :-) perhaps it is better to
change it to something more understandable than a
semi-obsolete two letter acronym? On UNIX there is
enough entrenched tradition to perhaps justify it,
but for Windows.. not so much.


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