[GRASS-dev] parallelizing GRASS modules

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 3 18:00:49 EST 2011

Seth wrote:
> If you decide to use opencl, keep in contact and I
> might be able to help. I'm traveling for at least
> the next few days, though.

I plan to work on adding OpenCL support to the build
system soon after the OpenMP support is done.

the last missing piece for the OpenMP stuff is to
add a test compile to configure.in which does
to check if the named compiler really has OpenMP
support built in.  (e.g. for gcc test if `gcc -fopenmp`
works, as that only exists for gcc versions >=

it should be trivial but I'm no autoconf expert.

I see that Autoconf has a AC_OPENMP macro, but don't
know if that applies to version 2.13. I'm guessing
that it doesn't.


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