[GRASS-dev] winGRASS6.4.1 binary?

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at ncsu.edu
Sun Dec 11 23:11:02 EST 2011

Please ignore this if the release of GRASS6.4.2 is possible this week.

If not, I am wondering whether the binaries for winGRASS6.4.1 are available somewhere
on the GRASS website.
There is currently GRASS6.4.1 binary for Mac and GRASS6.4.2RC2 binary available for winGRASS
which may be confusing for students (and users in general).
Perhaps we should keep winGRASS6.4.1 binaries for donwload until GRASS6.4.2 is
available for both Mac and Windows.  For an outsider it looks like there is no stable version at this moment.

thank you


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