[GRASS-dev] raster3D vs raster3d used as elements

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 13 00:25:06 EST 2011


I'm a bit confused about how lib/gis/element_list deals with raster3d

the source code path is ./raster3d/r3.*/main.c ...

the human-readable alias in the help pages is "raster3D"

MAPSETs in the past used g3dcell/ but now seem to use grid3/ 
but there are still a couple of references to g3dcell in e.g.
lib/gis/opencell.c || lib/raster/open.c

technically a grass "element" is == a dir in $MAPSET, so "grid3"?

element_list itself seems clear enough.

the g.extension test for grass6 is r3.in.xyz

I fear that parts of r49694 and r49695 may be in error, please review.

stopping before I do any more damage,

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