[GRASS-dev] Re: multithreading v.surf.bspline and others with OpenMP

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 18 05:56:27 EST 2011

Sören wrote:
>> The GRASS ATLAS wrapper is and example for such
>> an approach. ATLAS can be used, but in case it
>> is not installed, the default GRASS implementation
>> is used.
> > Oh, I did not know that was there. We can work on
> > adding it to trunk's ./configure next.
> We can do, but the IMHO the ATLAS wrapper is not in
> use by any module, except the library test module.

the question is: if we had support for it would it
be used? since we already have BLAS for low-level
stuff and LAPACK for mid-level stuff, and the gmath
and gpde libraries, and the ccmath library built in,
it starts to feel a little crowded.  But if it is
the right tool for the right job I would not want
to deny someone to easily use it.

what advantage does ATLAS bring to the table?


ps- does any one know if the equivalent of the
"jobs" and "wait" shell commands exist for
launching modules from python?

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