[GRASS-dev] GRASS extensions/addons mismatch

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 20 20:34:45 EST 2011

fwiw it would be possible to have wxGUI preferences save a custom addon
dir which it could save into ~/.grass/wx & add to the environment when
you click Apply and also upon startup. And you can add it to ~/.grass.bashrc
and have the shell script version of g.extension pick it up and use it.

 ... but that still doesn't get it into $PATH to run it.

alternatively, in init.sh we could move
  cat "$USERHOME/.grass.bashrc" >> "$bashrc"

until after
   echo 'export GRASS_SHELL_PID=$$' >> "$bashrc"

but then you'd have to add

to your .grass.bashrc file..

It is possible to rearrange init.sh to add some conditional magic into
$MAPSET/.bashrc so a value in ~/.grass.bashrc would be added to the
shell's $PATH, but it is invasive enough that I would not like to touch
it before 6.4.2. Also you'd have to do the same for csh and MinGW/other


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