[GRASS-dev] "Unable to feature"?

Maciej Sieczka msieczka at sieczka.org
Thu Feb 3 10:34:43 EST 2011

W dniu 03.02.2011 16:18, Maciej Sieczka pisze:
> W dniu 03.02.2011 15:15, Maciej Sieczka pisze:
>> Hi
>> Wat is this message in lib/vector/Vlib/write.c:239 supposed to mean:
>> G_fatal_error(_("Unable to feature %d from vector map <%s>"),
>> ?
> Got it - "delete" is missing. It would be good to fix it in source, but
> that would break translations...

No it wouldn't, and Martin already fixed it. And time to stop talking to 


Maciej Sieczka

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