[GRASS-dev] 6.4.1 blocker bugs? more on d.legend

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 03:04:31 EST 2011

Helena  wrote:
> - would it be possible to grey out or hide the button "Use
> mouse to size and place legend"?
> everybody switches it on and tries to size the legend with
> mouse without success
> (there is no hint anywhere that this does not work),

a wrapper script would be needed, similar to v.type.
see `d.legend --script` for a template.
I'd prefer that to changing the wording of the flag's description, as "for interactive xmons only" is too hard to explain to the new
GUI user in just a few words.

maybe module --interface description man-in-the-middle hijacking + ad-hoc override is possible in the wxPy code. ...? but it wouldn't be pretty.

> I notice it is not there in GRASS7

all interactive Xmon capabilities were removed in GRASS 7.

> - would it be possible to change the text:
> "Placement as percentage of screen coordinates" to 
> "Size and placement as % of screen (should it be display?)
> coordinates"?

I agree "coordinates" may be a bit redundant/confusing, but 
grammatically it seems to want some word at the end.   ...?

I do like to spell out the whole word instead of just "%".

Technically it's relative to the current display frame. But
the new GUI/GRASS user knows nothing of the d.frame architecture.
Another problem is that once set you can drag the legend around
the wx.canvas, at which point only the range of the values you
gave have meaning, the absolute values become meaningless.

Do you use xmons/d.frame in your course? is this complaint
related to that? As long as the legend overlay is not dragged
over the page, I think it should work as the GUI user would

> Unless you read the man page very carefully it is hard to
> find out how to size the legend.

is the "at: bottom,top,left,right" text not showing up above the
wxPy module GUI's at= entry box, as it does in the tcltk module
GUI? I thought Martin had implemented that recently.



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