[GRASS-dev] quick postscript question

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 5 22:02:04 EST 2011

Hamish wrote:
>    fprintf(PS.fp, "B F BW stroke\n");
> I assume I've got to modify the "B F BW" before the stroke,
> but not sure what to, and can't find any decent reference for
> it on a search of the 'net.
> I could figure out that "F" means to fill the box.

nevermind, they are just some local macros:

% set color to black, line width to 1
/BW {0 0 0 C 1 W} BD

% fill interior of current path with current color
/F {gsave fill grestore} BD

% closepath fill operator
/CF {closepath fill} BD

got it working now.



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