[GRASS-dev] GRASS6.4.1 d.rast.arrow GUI version

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Sun Feb 6 18:16:18 EST 2011

I believe that there may still be a problem with d.rast.arrow when run from GUI 
(it works fine with xmon)

when I set my computational region to 5x5 and clip my aspect and slope maps to 5x5 rows and columns
and display d.grid size=1 (blue lines) and show computational extent in the Map display (red)
and expect 5x5 arrows I get a green field like this

when I change the d.rast.arrow parameters to draw every 20th grid cell and scale it 10times
(even though I have only 5x5 raster)  I get this
(note that the direction and size of arrows in each cell is identical).

So it looks like d.rast.arrow is using the  display raster instead of the raster defined by g.region 
to draw the arrows. When the display is bigger, I get more arrows:
the grey background is actually the grid drawn by d.rast.arrow so it is obvious that it is different
from the grid with size=1 as defined by computational region. 

Is this the intended behavior?

d.rast.num does not do anything - perhaps it has the same problem?


P.S. I think somebody has asked this already - when I run d.rast.arrow through GUI the command
gets generated but it does not show up in the output window - how can I copy and save the command 
(e.g. for putting into this email?)

On Feb 4, 2011, at 2:25 PM, Maciej Sieczka wrote:

> Hi
> 3D ASCII raster format supported by r3.out.ascii and r3.in.ascii doesn't match the one described in [1] (it's linked in r.in.ascii 6.x and 7 man pages).
> Are there GRASS 6+ modules which support 3D raster format as described in [1]?
> [1] http://grass.osgeo.org/gdp/html_grass5/ascii_formats.html
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