[GRASS-dev] some grassmods po strings not translated at runtime

Maciej Sieczka msieczka at sieczka.org
Fri Feb 11 12:41:18 EST 2011


d.mon strings from grassmods po files are not localised on runtime in my 
instalation. E.g. in grassmods_pl.po there is:

#: ../display/d.mon/pgms/stop.c:70
#, c-format
msgid "Monitor '%s' terminated"
msgstr "Monitor '%s' został zamknięty"

and the translated string looks OK in pl/LC_MESSAGES/grassmods.mo, but 
on runtime I get the original English "Monitor 'x0' terminated" string 
instead of the translation, when I run "d.mon stop=x0", in pl_PL.UTF-8 

For a test I have replaced pl/LC_MESSAGES/grassmods.mo with it's de 
counterpart, but again I get the English message instead of German 
"Grafikfenster <x0> beendet.".

What could be the cause? I haven't noticed other grassmods strings 
missbehave this way, only d.mon so far.


Maciej Sieczka

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