[GRASS-dev] "Official" code for data-mining

Andrés Maneiro amaneiro at icarto.es
Sat Feb 12 11:44:00 EST 2011

Hello there,

a couple of colleagues and I are working on data-mining some foss4g 
software repositories to better understand how the community works.

In order to analyze GRASS software base, we think is a good idea to take 
the code from the last official release:

In this early stage of our study, we plan to analyze the "core" features 
in the trunk of development, taking away optional plugins for now. So, 
I'm interested to know if the link to code below is a "complete" picture 
of what last official release of GRASS integrates.

It would be also useful to know if you consider relevant to add to our 
study other external repositories to that one *or* delete from this 
study some of the code (plugins, ...) in that branch.

What do you think?


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