[GRASS-dev] Re: reduce GUI icon sets in trunk

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 09:13:09 EST 2011


2011/2/18 Martin Landa <landa.martin at gmail.com>:
> currently wxGUI comes with different icon sets (`grass`, `grass2`, and
> `silk`) [1]. The problem is that `grass` and `silk` icon set is not
> maintained and number of missing icons are increasing (currently about
> 25 undefined icons). The new icon set (`grass2`) is maintained by
> Robert Szczepanek and is default for wxGUI. I would suggest to remove
> incomplete `grass` and `silk` icon set from trunk. GRASS6 will remain
> untouched.

since there is no replay (objection) I will reduce icon set only to
grass2 in trunk (`grass` and `silk` will be removed and `grass2`
renamed to `grass`).


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