[GRASS-dev] Installing own Python script

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 13 16:17:27 EDT 2011

Martin wrote:
> done in r46687 (review needed).

n.b. r46690 code still refers to .grass7 in grass6
[please don't backport to 6.4 until code is tested in 6.5 for some
time, even if it seems harmless. otherwise there is no quality
control, the laws of unintended consequences bite us, and what's
the point of maintaining a 6.5 testing branch at all? tx]

addon environ variable can have multiples, you need to spit on
the first ":".

the shell script version in 6.x already installs to the addon dir
as part of g.extension.sh, with sudo,su options to go to the
install dir upon request. should we stay with that and/or is a specific install target needed? (why is a python clone needed
there? to help with menu integration? is there a bug in wingrass
I don't know about?)


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