[GRASS-dev] Re: r.colors -e for G3d?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 18 03:25:21 EDT 2011

Hamish wrote:
> I've got a 3D raster with a very skewed distribution.
> For viewing the slices (r3.to.rast) I'd like to use a
> single set of color rules for all of the z-levels.
> So I'd like to run the ever-amazing 'r.colors -e' to
> equalize over the full distribution, but how to do
> that for all the z-level slices at once?
> ideas:
> -r.region translate them and then patch them all
> together on the same horizontal plane, calc the color
> rules, then apply the mosaic's set of rules to all
> the original slices.

method to north-south stack a series of raster maps now added
as a new grass6 addon script:

r.stack is a shell script used to patch all the raster maps in a time series (or burst 3D raster) together into a vertical stack, to aid mutli-map analyses in modules where group input is not yet available.  Use in a lat/lon location may be problematic.

> once I have that I'd like to write an addon module
> which converts a grass color table to a VTK .xml
> color table, so they can be used there too,

now added as a new grass6 addon script:

r.colors.out_vtk is a shell script used to export the color table associated with a raster map layer to a VTK XML file.

props to Soeren for help with VTK.

> and also figure out how to auto-set NVIZ G3D isosurface
> colors from them.

still TODO. similarly, how to take GRASS_RGB column setting for
NVIZ vector points (once fixed :) and surfaces.


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