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#1385: r3.in.ascii man page improvements
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Comment(by huhabla):

 Replying to [comment:4 hamish]:
 > Hi,
 > did you find the r3.to.rast -> 0 values for FCELL rast3d maps bug
 already? or should I open a new report for that?

 Uh? I did not know that such a bug exists. Can you please open a ticket
 and provide a synthetic data test?

 > any documented reason why there is no CELL support for G3D?

 Unfortunately not. I did not found any information why CELL value support
 was not implemented. I guess Helena may know why?

 > for r.out.ascii I would like to set the default output precision
 dynamically (%.7g for FCELL, %.15g for DCELL, [%ld for CELL??]). Maybe we
 could try that in gr7 and see how it looks?
 > (I just added a quick&rough r.flip addon script using that, and the
 round trip is lossy; Yann's upcoming? C port of grass5's version won't
 have that problem)

 Feel free to modify the code. :)

 Best regards

 > thanks,
 > Hamish

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