[GRASS-dev] sample dataset update

Markus Metz markus.metz.giswork at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 20 11:15:23 EDT 2011

Hi all,

we may want to think about an update of the sample datasets. I have
recently updated the documentation of the v.net.* modules including
examples and noticed that roads digitized as multilanes have wrong
line directions, i.e. not matching drive directions. This makes
assignment of different forward/backward costs impossible. The vector
map roads in nc_spm_08 should also get a new layer with unique
category values. The updated, correct examples are anything but
intuitive and would be much shorter and simpler with already existing
unique categories in roads at PERMANENT.

Helena also mentioned the LiDAR-based DEM in nc_spm_08 which needs to
be expanded. With the development of a test suite for G7, I am sure
that there will be more requests for updates of the sample datasets.

Time for a TODO list somewhere?

Markus M

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