[GRASS-dev] Weekly reports #0 wxNviz

Anna Kratochvílová KratochAnna at seznam.cz
Fri May 27 14:49:41 EDT 2011


my name is Anna Kratochvilova, I study CTU FCE in Prague and
I'm going to complete GRASS visualization tool wxNviz which should replace
tcl/tk nviz in GRASS 7. This project started as GSoC 2008 and continued
within GSoC 2010 by Martin Landa who is going to be my mentor now. 

The wiki for my project is available at


1) What do I have completed this week?
I made myself familiar with existing code, found some bugs and
fixed some of them. I also made some enhancements in GUI.

2) What am I going to achieve for next week?
I try to fix lighting bug, continue with some enhacements and start to
implement new functionality according to my project plan.

3) Is there any blocking issue?
Still waiting for write access...

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