[GRASS-dev] Vect_*_fatal_error()

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 10 15:45:11 EST 2011

Martin wrote:
> On the other hand I still think that the programmer should have some
> possibility to avoid calling exit() on G_fatal_error() of course on
> his/her own risk. Anyway this option should be there with BIG warning
> at least but it should be there...

if it can be recovered from it's not fatal, therefore G_fatal_error() wasn't
appropriate to use in the first place.

perhaps you want a near-clone called G_nonfatal_error() which does the
same without the exit()? but is that just a semantics game between the
definition of what is a "warning" and what it means to be an "error"?

I would not be a fan of library-specific error handling anyway, make what-
ever solution available for all from libgis.

what's the practical use case you've found which could use it?


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