[GRASS-dev] Vect_*_fatal_error()

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 07:19:49 EST 2011


2011/11/17 Sören Gebbert <soerengebbert at googlemail.com>:
>>> grass.lib.* exists for "module-style" scripts, not for persistent
>>> applications.
>> that's right, but we just shouldn't forbid to use GRASS libraries for
>> such applications (for which the GRASS libraries were not designed).
> This is not forbidden ... but it is a very bad idea to do so.

well, word "forbidden" is not right in this sense, I meant "to make it
harder as much as possible".

> Consider the main wxGUI as the master process, able to start, stop and
> restart subprocesses. These subprocesses are doing specific tasks
> (vector editing, raster cell editing, ...) by accessing the GRASS
> library directly and using longjmp() to report to the master process
> in case of a G_fatal_error() call.

Probably due to very limit time which I currently have for wxGUI
development I was inclining to the quick, but probably good solution.
I will investigate more as I will have some time for that.

Thanks for clarification, Martin

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