[GRASS-dev] 6.4.2rc3 this week, then 6.4.2 by the holidays?

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at ncsu.edu
Mon Nov 21 20:02:17 EST 2011

I think that this is a good plan - the latest changes definitely need testing.

Unrelated to init.sh I just compiled the release branch and I have the 3D view enabled in Map display,
however, when I run it, lighting does not work (and maybe other things as well) 
- although this has been fixed in GRASS7.

Is this the intention? If yes, should there
be some message that to get the full functionality the user should run TclTk nviz
or would it be possible to backport the rest of wxnviz to GRASS6.4.2 release?
Or is the problem on my side that I did not update and compile wxnviz properly?


On Nov 21, 2011, at 5:48 PM, Hamish wrote:

> Hi,
> AFAICT the only reason to do a 6.4.2rc3 is to test
> the latest changes to init.sh and g.extension.sh
> which are in devbr6 right now. So I would propose to
> backport those to relbr64 as soon as I get some
> independent verification that it works for $you in
> 6.5svn*, release a quick 6.4.2rc3 by the end of the
> week, and then hopefully we can send 6.4.2-final
> out the door before the end-of-year holidays.
> changes are--
> * init.sh: if GRASS_ADDON_PATH is not set, then
>   set it to ~/.grass6/addons
> * g.extension(.sh): 
>  * url= option
> -#% answer: https://svn.osgeo.org/grass/grass-addons
> +#% answer: http://svn.osgeo.org/grass/grass-addons
> (..does it matter?)
>  * if the path given for the prefix= option doesn't
>    exist (e.g. ~/.grass6/addons), then create it
>    instead of exiting with an error.
>  * fix symlink test for default install dir in
>    case the hardcoded default destination is used.
> [*] actually since I now notice that 6.4.2rc2
> shipped with the broken g.extension install bug,
> I've backported them just now in r49320. fwiw this
> would have been done for rc2 but it went out the
> door before I got the warning that its release was
> imminent.
> please test (relbr64),
> Hamish
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