[GRASS-dev] 6.4.2rc3 this week, then 6.4.2 by the holidays?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 22 08:00:06 EST 2011

Markus Neteler:
> Or backport at least wxNVIZ from GRASS 6.5 and still
> disable it from the default compilation?

is it buggy, or just lacking the latest and greatest features?

if it is just lacking features it is easy enough to put a msg
"coming soon! if you want the full capability go file>nviz tcltk"
on the wxgui 3d control tab. if all you want is a quick look
at the 3d surface the only real control you need to work properly
is the positioning puck..

if it is buggy, then best to grey it out and ship 6.4.2 without
delay, and work on it soon after.

I was hoping that 6.4.2 could be the point where we really
really go bug-fixes-only for the 6.4 line, but as long as
backporting wxnviz bits does not touch code outside of
gui/wxpython/ I don't mind it being allowed to go from 40% to
80% for 6.4.3. I would not be very happy with deep changes to
lib/ogsf however.


ps- what's the status of the wxVdigit sync?

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