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Tue Nov 29 15:57:46 EST 2011

#1500: g.region returns wrong convergence angle
 Reporter:  annakrat              |       Owner:  grass-dev@…              
     Type:  defect                |      Status:  new                      
 Priority:  normal                |   Milestone:  7.0.0                    
Component:  Projections/Datums    |     Version:  svn-trunk                
 Keywords:  g.region convergence  |    Platform:  Unspecified              
      Cpu:  Unspecified           |  

Comment(by hamish):

 Replying to [comment:2 annakrat]:
 > Setting default region doesn't help.
 > I have Ubuntu 10.04, 32 bit, gcc 4:4.4.3, proj 4.7.0-2

 ok, just thought I'd check. when I was testing this earlier I wasted more
 than a bit of time having it fail in a new location with the default w=0
 e=1 s=0 e=1 region. oops.

 so I expect this report is a duplicate of #791, ''The valgrind log
 indicates that a variable (fact.conv?) may be being used uninitialized.''

 I just tried on ubuntu 10.04 64bit, proj 4.7.0-1--
  * official 6.4 package 6.4.0~rc5+39438-1build2: works
  * (a bit old) self-built 6.5svn: fails

 debian/squeeze 64bit, proj 4.7.0-1--
  * official GRASS 6.4.0+42329 pkg: fails
  * self-built 6.4.2svn: works
  * self-built 6.5svn: works
  * self-built 7svn: works


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