[GRASS-dev] visualize GRASS vector/raster on web

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Tue Nov 29 15:59:48 EST 2011

The workflow that we use in the desktop GUI is as follow (in schematic).

Set the output environment using the PNG driver and associated environmental variables
run d.vect, d.rast, etc -> these produce temporary *.pnm (or *.png) files
composite the individual *.pnm files into a single graphic file using g.pnmcomp (another compositer could be used like wxPython graphic tools)
display the final, composited *.pnm file in a wxPython canvas

With the proper environmental settings, this works so fast that there is little time lag. For a web based version, it will take more time to send the image back to the desktop from the server than to do the rendering. 

Hope this is helpful. Good luck with it.

C. Michael Barton
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> Subject: [GRASS-dev] visualize GRASS vector/raster on web
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> how to visualize vector/raster from directly from GRASS database?
> I am building webGRASS. for that I linked GRASS GIS all libraries to my
> application without any wrappers..
> Now I can execute any grass command online. But for rendering I use
> OpenLayers. I want to change OpenLayers and use a WPaintWidget to draw
> raster and vector data
> I can make this happen in this way
> [1] call d.vect which will call v.out.ogr and create a gml file --> display
> gml on OpenLayers.Map
> Now I want to reduce the overhead by spawning different process like d.vect
> --> v.out.ogr --> gml -->openlayers
> I need rendering this way
> [2] Read GRASS data directly from database (points/line/polygon for vector
> and image pixel values from GRASS raster format
> so the chain will be
> GRASS Raster data --> (image pixel values) MyNewMapCanvas
> GRASS Vector data --->(points/lines/polygons) MyNewMapCanvas
> The reason behind my need is that on web it will increase speed and
> efficiency when we read data from GRASS database directly
> All I want to do GRASS GIS core language C/C++ to make a web application
> it is possible because I am linking my website with required grass
> libraries (libgrass_*)
> Any help will be greatly appreciated..
> --
> Regards,
>   Mohammed Rashad K M
>   M.S. (By Research) student
>   Lab for Spatial Informatics
>   Department of CSE
>   International Institute of Information Technology
>   Hyderabad, India

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