[GRASS-dev] Vector network analysis in WxGUI proposal for GSoC

stepan.turek stepan.turek at seznam.cz
Tue Apr 3 15:45:46 EDT 2012


another interesting topic for GSoC  could be integration of vector network 
analysis (modules with prefix v.net) into WxGUI.

This could make this tools accessible for less experienced users, because 
running of these modules from command line requires pretty good knowledge of
GRASS vector data model (e.g. maps vs. layers... ) and modules are not 
interactive (except d.path).

Module d.path is dependent on x-monitors, so first task would be porting of 
this module into GRASS 7.

Development could also include improving of Attribute Table Manager of 
capability of field calculator  (e. g. to calculate cost values for network 

Could be this topic suitable for GSoC? I would be grateful for any feedback!



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