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All removed examples used service[1], which no longer provides standard WMS 

I will try to add more examples.



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"ops, sorry for internal communication in Czech. Probably I am a little
bit overworked and should go finally to sleep ;-) So I will translate
the text bellow...

2012/4/12 Martin Landa <landa.martin at>:

> to vypada, ze nefungovalo temer nic, chtelo by zjistit proc a
> nefunkcni priklady nahradit fungujicimi (vice wms serveru nez CUZK :-)

seems to me that none of examples did not work with ``. It
would be better to find out why they didn't work and to replace them
with working examples, not just to remove them. One working example
(CUZK) is probably not enough ;-)


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