[GRASS-dev] locale problem - configuration fails with nls

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Thu Aug 2 06:31:56 PDT 2012

Michael Barton wrote:

> I've never compiled --with-nls prior to this. However, at least a few
> years back, GRASS that I compiled came up in Spanish on my colleague's
> machines--either because the with-nls flag dates to a few years back
> or because it worked in spite of not compiling with-nls. No one told
> me when this stopped working and my builds were only in English, so
> I'm in the dark on that.
> I just tried to compile with-nls, but got this config error
> checking whether to use NLS... yes
> checking for gettext... no
> checking for gettext in -lintl... no
> configure: error: *** Unable to locate gettext() function.
> I KNOW that I have python gettext. So how do I specify it? Or is this
> a non-Python gettext that I must install separately?

This has nothing to do with Python. This is the gettext() function
used by lib/gis/locale.c to translate messages[1]. On Linux, it's part
of libc; on other platforms, it's usually in libintl.

[1] It's actually dgettext() which is used, as that allows us to have
separate grasslibs and grassmods catalogues.

If you build without NLS support, the _(...) macro simply evaluates to
its argument, so messages within C code won't be translated.

Python has its own gettext package, which is always used.

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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