[GRASS-dev] locale problem solved - but have suggestion

Michael Barton Michael.Barton at asu.edu
Tue Aug 7 13:27:58 PDT 2012

OK. I just compiled GRASS 7 with-nls and tried the new language patch.

It makes no difference. Nothing changes when I switch from System to es. Everything stays in English. Given Glynn's post last week, I think that we need to try a different approach of GRASS changing the system language setting for the given session. Then have Python read that system setting. This is an important feature to have in GRASS, given its wide international use. But we need it to work on all systems.

BTW, I did not see English in the list of languages to select. Odd.

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At one point I was thinking about adding necessary code, still I
forgot about it. Fixed in r52582.

Thanks, works again.


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