[GRASS-dev] translated options in descriptions

Anna Kratochvílová kratochanna at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 07:35:46 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I would like to point out that there was a bug in many modules (around
30) which can appear only with localised grass (fixed r52637). It
produces only warning so probably it's harmless however developers
should avoid using option descriptions in this way:

-    params->query->descriptions =
-       _("length;Select only lines or boundaries shorter"
-         "/longer than threshold distance;"
-         "dangle;Select dangles shorter/longer than " "threshold distance");

The problems appear when the translator translates the option and not
only its description. Translatable must be only the description like

+    desc_query = NULL;
+    G_asprintf(&desc_query,
+               "length;%s;"
+              "dangle;%s",
+              _("Select only lines or boundaries shorter"
+                "/longer than threshold distance"),
+              _("Select dangles shorter/longer than threshold distance"));
+    params->query->descriptions = desc_query;

Best regards,

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