[GRASS-dev] Speed map display in wxGUI on bigger monitors

Michael Barton Michael.Barton at asu.edu
Mon Aug 13 12:17:59 PDT 2012

The size of the monitor shouldn't have much (or anything in most cases) to do with this.

Important questions:

Which version is being used?
Which OS

How is the display set? If it is set to constrain display resolution to match map, this could happen. However, the default behavior for a long time is to create display output at display resolution (depends on the size of the display window). Even with big monitors, this is not a huge file by GRASS GIS standards. However, the temp files that are created for the displays will be larger when larger windows are used on larger monitors (i.e., more pixels to render).

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when working with the wxGUI on bigger monitors, it is rather slow
when it comes to map display.
Looking into the /tmp/ directory, I find fairly huge files which are
generated and then combined for display.
It is getting even worse when using GRASS over network.

Question: why the uncompressed PNM/PPM format used by g.pnmcomp?

... I am still interested to understand this...


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