[GRASS-dev] WinGRASS 6.4.3/6.5 binary???

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 14:32:54 PDT 2012

> The current dev versions are so much better than 6.4.2 stable that I'd
> prefer the students to experience them rather than the dated and more
> buggy stable version.

I would challenge the assertion that 6.4.2 is dated and buggy in any
serious manner. It is your call of course, but from my POV I would not put
students (or new users in general) in front of untested development
versions, they never know if when something goes wrong if it is them or
the software, or if the software is just "too hard".

The only critical bug I know of that is fixed in svn is that the addon
downloads from Martin's server are not working on WinGrass, which is
apparently fixed in svn but it would be really really nice if a 6.4.2-3
binary installer was issued with just that fix added. (not sure, did
something change server-side?)

are there other specific issues?


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