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Rasmus Lundgaard Borgstrøm rlb at grasdk.com
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Hi Peter

Thanks for supplying your info and links, looks very interesting and relevant.

"What kind of quantitative measurements and performance metrics would you consider useful for GRASS GIS ?"
Basically measurements of volume and speed of processing certain image amounts;  
E.g. GRASS GIS loaded, processed (e.g. standard classification) and exported an 10 GB RapidEye image mosaic in XX minutes/hours. 
Ideally this flow should be compared with identical processed performed in closed source SW, as ENVI, Erdas, ArcGIS and other Open Source SW. 

I would also like to identify any bottlenecks/showstoppers with regards to data volume. 

I have seen something similar in the CASCADOSS project; 
But not exactly what I wanted to showcase and use for documentation/justification of our setup. 

Kind regards,

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 > In this respect, I am trying to identify references about GRASS GIS  > performance, that would allow me to state any quantitative measures of the  > expected performance (data volume, processing speed etc.). Thus any links to  > documented work on handling large and multiple raster files in GRASS GIS  > would be appreciated.

Hello Rasmus,

regarding your question on GRASS-dev concerning quantitative measures for large and multiple raster processing in GRASS:

Previous work at RapidEye (http://www.rapideye.com/) involved large scale satellite image processing with GRASS, also using multiple scenes. 
Until now only bits of this has been published: 
As my current work involves GRASS-based workflows on a HPC cluster, I would also be interested if the topic of quantitative measures would receive more attention.

What kind of quantitative measurements and performance metrics would you consider useful for GRASS GIS ?

Kind regards,

PS: Here are some links to presentions regarding HPC/GRASS:

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