[GRASS-dev] 6.4 svn - zoom out bug

Michael Barton Michael.Barton at asu.edu
Sun Aug 19 14:09:27 PDT 2012

I'll make a ticket for this after recompiling the most recent version of GRASS 6.4 svn to make sure that it is not solved. But I'm pretty sure it is not because 7 is behaving this way. But until I can check for sure, I at least want to get this on the radar in case there is a quick fix.

Zoom out with a click or a box should center the point clicked or box drawn in the display and zoom out. This is the way that zoom in works. But sometime relatively recently I think (maybe in the past 6 months or so), zoom out started getting it backward. It seems to move the part of the map in the center of the display to the point in the window clicked and zooms out from there.

This is not a blocker, but it gives surprising results when zooming.

Also, the zoom to previous view button is still around, but when did the zoom to next view button go away?

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