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#1149: WinGrass - load R-installation-path dynamically into PATH
 Reporter:  hellik             |       Owner:  grass-dev@…              
     Type:  enhancement        |      Status:  new                      
 Priority:  normal             |   Milestone:  7.0.0                    
Component:  Startup            |     Version:  svn-trunk                
 Keywords:  wingrass, path, R  |    Platform:  MSWindows Vista          
      Cpu:  x86-32             |  

Comment(by hellik):

 Replying to [comment:7 hellik]:

 > so I '''strongly recommend''' using the bat-files from
 http://code.google.com/p/batchfiles/ for a smoothly
 > the bat-files are gpl'ed, so there's maybe no problem to include them in
 an wingrass-selfinstaller?

 answer from Gabor Grothendieck, author of "Windows batchfiles for use with

 Von: Gabor Grothendieck <...>
 Betreff: Re: WinGRASS GIS-R-integration via "Windows batchfiles for use
 with R"
 Datum:  Thu, 23. Aug 2012 23:06:30

 Hi, If the entire project is GPL'd or subject to reasonably similar
 license(s) then there is no reason you could not distribute additional
 GPL'd software like the batchfiles with it.  I think the license only
 requires preservation of authorship and maintaining the free status.

 the batch-files are:


 h = no args gives help
 0 = common usage is to enter command name without arguments
 d = in development
 2.11 = only works with R 2.11
 * = all files marked with one star are the same.  Program checks name by
 which its called to determine action.
 ** = all files marked with two stars are the same.  Program checks name by
 which its called to determine action.

 #Rscript.bat - put at top of R file to make it a batch file (h) (*)
 clip2r.js - pastes clipboard into Rgui.  See comments in file for use from
 vim. (0)(d)
 copydir.bat - copy a library from one version of R to another (h)
 el.js - run elevated - Vista and up, e.g. el Rgui  runs R elevated
 find-miktex.hta - GUI to find MiKTeX (0)
 kopy.bat - copy Rcmd to other batch files (h)(d)
 movedir.bat - move library from one version of R to another (h)
 R.bat - like R.exe but finds R from registry (0) (*)
 Rcmd.bat - like Rcmd.exe but finds R from registry (h) (*)
 Rgui.bat - like Rgui.exe but finds R from registry (0) (*)
 RguiStart.bat - like Rgui.bat but arg1 defines folder to start R in (*)
 Rscript.bat - run .R script (h) (*)
 Rterm.bat - like rterm.exe but finds R from registry (h) (*)
 Rtidy.bat - reformat a .R file, e.g. Rtidy myfile.R > outfile.R (d)
 Rtools.bat - place Rtools on path for remainder of console session (0) (*)
 Rversions.bat - list R and set R version in registry, e.g. on Vista: el
 cmd/c Rversions R-2.10.1 (0)
 Rversions.hta - GUI interface to RSetReg.  List and set R version, e.g. on
 Vista: el cmd /c Rversions.hta (0)(2.11)
 show-svn-info.hta - show svn info if current folder is an svn checkout (0)
 Stangle.bat - run arg1 through Stangle (h) (**)
 Sweave.bat - run arg1 through Sweave (h) (**)

 the entire README of rbatch-files attached to this ticket.

 so may I propose to integrate the batch files in the GRASS GIS source in


 and the standalone WinGrass-installer installing the files in

 C:\Program Files (x86)\GRASS GIS 7.0.svn\extrabin

 tested here locally, it's working.

 this would be a great and an all-time improvement coupling wonderfull GIS-
 and (geo-)statistic- software in the windows world.

 any opinions, objections, hints ...?


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