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Anna, those are great news!

This is, IMO, a much-needed improvement in GRASS interface. Quite a while
ago I posted some thoughts on GUI and User Experience for GRASS, and native
tabs do make a big difference.

Can this be applied to GIS manager as well?



On Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 2:02 PM, Anna Kratochvílová
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> Hi all,
> I would like to inform you that you can now switch between different
> command dialog styles in GRASS 7 (r52927). There are 4 styles, 3 of
> them are new and they are providing platform native look. It should
> solve the problem described in ticket #306 [1] (hidden tabs). Styles
> can be changed in settings dialog - Appearance tab.
> Two styles use wx.Notebook with top or left tabs. The third one which
> uses wx.ListBook is not yet finished. The default style is the current
> fancy green FlatNotebook.
> It would be nice to add some icons to the tabs. So far I added only
> icons to manual and options page to get idea how it could look like.
> Unfortunately it is quite difficult to create icons which would
> describe the tabs (required, optional, selection, ...). But except for
> ListBook icons are not necessary. (Now icons are not used in fancy
> green notebook because used style is not ready for icons.)
> The advantage of the two basic styles is that they inherit system
> colors (since they are native). So it is better for users with unusual
> themes which are not much supported by wxPython.
> Styles were tested on Ubuntu 10.04 (Gnome), information how styles
> look like on Windows and Mac (including comparison to other
> applications) is appreciated.
> Please, share your ideas about style names, icons and styles itself.
> If you know how, you can also try wxPython demo and do your own
> experiments with various notebooks.
> Note that this feature is experimental and even though it is change of
> style some bugs which seem to be unrelated can appear.
> Anna and Vaclav
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